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Grouting Track


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The TRACK GR device monitors the grouting procedure by one of up to four grouting pumps.

The TRACK GR device monitors grouting of small to medium-size jobs.

The installation may be done directly on pumps or in the grouting centre.

Metered parameters:

  • Grouting pressure
  • Grouting mix flow
  • Volume of grouting mix
  • Grouting time

Counted parameters:

  • GIN - Grouting Index Number
  • Penetrability

Indicated parameters:

  • Bursting pressure
  • Maximum grouting pressure
  • Grouting pressure at the tip
  • Grouting mix flow at the tip
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Grouting procedures

The TRACK GR device can control grouting procedure with or without bursting the sealing compound on the étage and further in modes that require meeting certain criteria, such as maintaining pressure at a certain level for defined time period.

The TRACK GR device works in manual, semi-automatic of fully automatic regimes.

Manual regime

All controls in this mode of operation are done by the operator and the TRACK GR device does not have to be connected to the control elements of the pump.

Semi-automatic regime

The TRACK GR is able to independently indicate the bursting pressure level and terminate the grouting process in this mode if:

  • The maximum bursting pressure has been achieved.
  • The necessary volume of grouting mix has been reached.

The TRACK GR device must be partially connected to the control pump circuits in semi-automatic regime.

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Automatic regime

In this regime, the TRACK GR device controls grouting independently, based on entry of the following parameters:

  • Maximum bursting pressure
  • Maximum grouting pressure
  • Maximum and minimum flow of the grouting mix
  • Maximum volume of the grouting mix
  • Maximum GIN
  • Maximum penetrability

In automatic regime, the TRACK GR device must be fully connected to the control circuits of the pump. The pump must be equipped with hydraulic control electro-valves. Considering the fact that individual pumps differ in their construction, the TRACK GR device program function with the relevant pump must be verified prior to installation.

Data recording:

The data is recorded in real time, most often every 1 – 5 s.

Display of measured parameters:

Metered parameters are displayed in the TRACK GR device in numeric format and in the form of time graph x measured parameter. This makes it possible to check its progress during the grouting process.

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