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The TRACK DR device is used in drilling in geotechnical and geological probes, drilling in quarries, mines, injection holes, micro-pylons, spurs, anchors and the like.

The TRACK DR device measures up to 32 parameters of the drilling regime or operating parameters of the drilling rig (motor, hydraulics), including the use of automated elements such as the tilt of the drilling rod / rig, thrust levels control, replacement of drill rods, etc. The TRACK DR device provides even some special functions, such as insuring parallel line of finished holes is drilled. The TRACK DR device can be used in combination with the GCOM device functions.

hloubka a náklon

Metered parameters – basics:

  • Depth / drill progression
  • Drill bit revolutions
  • Drill torque
  • Thrust and pull forces on drilling equipment
  • Drilling fluid pressure
  • Flow and volume of drilling fluid
  • Drilling power

Metered parameters – expanded:

  • Loss of drill torque due to friction
  • Loss of thrust due to friction
  • Angle of the drilling rig
  • Tilt angle of the drill rig’s chassis
  • GPS coordinates

Metered parameters – special:

hloubka a náklon
  • Acceleration of hammer drill strikes
  • Number of hammer drill strikes
  • End-spin and start-spin torque of drill rods
  • Drilling fluid’s temperature
  • Drilling fluid volume weight
  • Wind force and direction
  • Counting the number of rods in the drilled hole
  • Other parameters as per request

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