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The TRACK CFA device monitors the CFA pile drilling as well as the concrete application phase.

Metered drilling parameters:

  • Depth / drill advance
  • Auger revolutions
  • Drill torque
  • Thrust
  • Drilling rig / drilling rod tilt

Parameters counted during drilling:

  • Drilling energy

Parameters counted during concrete application:

  • Depth / speed of retrieval
  • Auger revolutions
  • Torque
  • Pull
  • Pressure of grouting concrete
  • Flow of grouting concrete / volume
  • Drilling rig / drilling rod tilt

Parameters counted during grouting
concrete application:

  • Filling ratio

Special metered parameters:

  • GPS coordinates

Data recording:

Data recording is done based on change of depth, which in practice means each 10 – 40 mm or based on real time, which in practice is every 2 – 5 s.

Grouting concrete (injection) phase:

The head driller controls the concrete injection work manually, which means, by following data on the monitor. These are, in case of concrete grouting work, shown as bar graphs and the head driller compares their height. It is also possible to engage automatic concrete grouting application, where the TRACK CFA device controls retrieval with the help of proportionate signal but in this case, the TRACK CFA device must be directly connected to the hydraulic circuits of the drill rig.

Volume of grouting concrete:

Volume of grouting concrete is measured by the number of the grouting concrete pump’s piston strokes. This is connected to the drill rig by a cable or wirelessly through the BTCOM device (wireless data transfer via Blue Tooth).

Pressure of grouting concrete:

Pressure of grouting concrete is measured by a pressure insert installed on the goose neck of the drill rig.

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