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The products monitor equipment in operation – provide proof of work progress, its quality and number of completed tasks.

The TRACK device

Operation of the device is standardized and there are no substantial differences in operations, so it is therefore possible that employees can carry the device from one workplace to another.

The TRACK device handles programs for 19 types of equipment or their variants and so it is therefore possible to use it for one type of machinery one day and another one, another day. At the same time, the device and its software make custom application preparations possible.

The software always consists of the part, which monitors the working equipment and another part, which makes it possible to pre-set an easy run of the machine, parameters of the sensors used, parameters of measuring channels, and also provides valuable information during the device’s servicing.

The MONITORINGmb device

The MONITORINGmb device is always assembled according to specific customer’s needs.

The device is used mostly for special metering and regulation, where large monitor is needed. The same peripherals are used (data recording, printing, Internet…) similarly as with the TRACK device.