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Safety functions

The GCOM device has some functions, which secures the equipment and crew.

Unauthorized use the equipment is secured by standard sensors during down time (tilt angle, ultrasound etc.). In case of unauthorized use, the GCOM sends out a warning message to the RMC server and SMS messages are sent to pre-selected telephone numbers.

Emergency button In case the crew is in danger, pushing an emergency button during its idle time or while in operation, will summon help in similar fashion as in unauthorized use.

On demand The GCOM device sends data, say, every 2 minutes. It is possible however, to send a request / demand that data be sent every 30 s, and / or cancel it again.

Alarm The settings in the GCOM allows for pre-setting of safety parameters for individual metered parameters. In case that, for example, the machine is overheating, a message can be sent to the RMC server. Similarly, it is possible to control the number of engine hours or kilometres travelled between individual services of the equipment.

Controlling drop of levels in the tank When shutting OFF the engine key, the CAP02 probe records diesel fuel levels in the tank. If, during down time there is a drop in the fuel levels, the probe sets off an alarm and the GCOM starts sending out warning messages to the RMC server and sends SMS messages to selected telephone numbers.

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