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RMC Server

RMC server is accessible for the users after entering the access name and password. The number of the users is unlimited.

Rights for administration, editing values, service, access to individual machines etc. can be assigned to each user.

The method of data processing is given by user setting. However, it is possible to create up to 16 types of tables with different information such as Fuelling table, Period of use table, Driver’s logbook table, Service table etc.

Data processing method setting is carried out by means of database calculation formulas that are accessible for the user.

The tables can be printed in the PDF format. Data can be exported in company’s accounting systems in the XLS format and/or using another method.

Data are displayed in numerical form or by means of diagrams and bar charts.

Machine current position and path are displayed on inserted map documents and by means of the mapy.cz and maps.google.com servers.

Other parts of the RMC:



Metered parameters


Safety functions