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Metered parameters

The number of measured parameters is limited by the number of inputs in the GCOM L and GCOM + devices.

In case of direct connection of sensors, the GCOM L can monitor of between 3 to 5 parameters and of up to 12 parameters through the GCOM + device.

The number of monitored parameters can be expanded by using the TTB motherboard and a single motherboard will monitor of up to 15 parameters.

Majority of inputs into the GCOM device is software-configurable and so it is possible to use one metering channel as logical input at one time and as a reader another time and as an analog input as well.

The GCOM device has an input for the CAN collector. If the machine has the CAN data collector (control computer) with J1939 data format, then many parameters can be read directly from this data collector.

In practical use, we have only measured this information: battery voltage, distance travelled, speed, fuel level in the tank, fuel flow through the flow meter, oil level in the reservoir, oil flow, engine temperature, oil temperature, engine revolutions, working elements revolutions – or mix, lubricant pressure, oil pressure in hydraulics, vibrations – acceleration, disengagement – turn, angle tilt of work elements, angle tilt of the machine, voltage, power, frequency, torque, thickness, density, humidity.

To measure use of fuel, we mostly use a floater or a probe that is installed in the tank. In some cases, the original sensor may be used. In majority of cases however, a float has to be installed or a new probe must be installed. Fuel flow through meter may also be used.

The PARTNERmb Company owns a probe to measure (fuel) levels of its own patent-protected design.

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