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Devices of the GCOM (CGOM L and GCOM +) lines are installed on all types of passenger vehicles and trucks, as well as on construction machinery. The universality of design enables installation of the device even for remote monitoring of, for example, locomotives, ships or boiler rooms, waterworks, sewer treatment plants, pumping stations, greenhouses, etc.

Installation is done by employees of the PARTNERmb Company and trained personnel of their authorized dealers.

The GCOM device is connected to sensors that are already installed on a machine, or new sensors are installed.

The GCOM device has CAN data collector that can read data directly from the control computer of the motor – machine.

Installation on a single machine takes bet. 5 – 16 hours. It depends on the number of metered parameters and the machine design. During installation, the machine must be in OFF position. Installation is done in accordance with the type of machine on the company’s premises, or at the customer’s place of business.

In case where the use of fuel is measured by the drop in level in the tank, the installation must be ended with calibration.

Other parts of the RMC:


Metered parameters


Safety functions

RMC Server