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The device is installed behind the battery disconnector. Recording and periodic sending of data packets commences immediately after the key is turned ON. Data is sent via GPRS connection each 0.5 – 15 minutes to the RMC server of the PARTNERmb Company. Here they are accessible after logging in, to individual users.

In the event that after the key is turned ON there is no contact with the RMC server, the data is stored in memory. Capacity of the memory is enough of up to 3 months of operation. After establishing connection with the RMC server, the data is automatically sent.

If it is required that the machine is checked even when idle, a backup battery is installed. It provides a power feed backup to the GCOM, in case it is disengaged from the disconnector.

Other parts of the RMC:


Metered parameters


Safety functions

RMC Server