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detail: GCOM

The GCOM device is designated for remote monitoring of equipment and other operations with GPRS data transfer method to the internet application. It is used mostly to monitor operating construction equipment and vehicles to increase productivity, controls movement in achieving optimum servicing and savings and most of all in fuel consumption and spare parts used.

The GCOM device has attest SD8, number 3 068 and may be used in combination with the TTB device.

The GCOM device is made in two versions – the GCOM L and GCOM +. The L version provides for operations in most cases in the necessary range. The + version has an expanded number of inputs and outputs. The inputs and outputs group can be changed with the software, depending on the user’s needs. The internet application can be similarly configured.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: 70 ( 90 ) x 30 x 175 mm
Weight: 350 - 460 g
Coverage rate: IP 65
Operating temp.: – 20°C to 60°C
Operating voltage: 8 - 36 VDC

The GCOM device is equipped as follows:

  • GSM module
  • GPS module
  • 1 x CAN
  • 1 x RS 232
  • ID chip reader

GCOM L version

  • 2 x analog / logic
  • 2 x reader
  • 2 x logic input
  • 1 x logic output

GCOM + version

  • 6 x analog input
  • 3 x reader
  • 3 x logic input
  • 2 x logic output
  • 1 x PWM



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