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About us

PARTNERmb, s.r.o. (ltd.) was incorporated in 1990. The company’s know-how is based in combining knowledge of civil engineers experienced in specialized foundation engineering with the knowledge of electronics engineers, experienced namely in instrumentation for the mining and quarrying industries and the like.

The PARTNERmb Companymakes equipment and systems for specialized foundations engineering technology, to monitor equipment operation and for controls and testing procedures in the industrial manufacturing sector.

The PARTNERmb Company develops, manufactures and services its products. The modular composition of hardware and software components makes construction of specialized metering systems possible, as well as accommodating customers’ requested changes to it.

The PARTNERmb Company holds ISO 9001:2001 Certificate for the manufacture and service of its products.

The company’s products are used in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and other countries.



PARTNERmb, s.r.o.
Na Domovině 690
142 00 Prague 4 Libuš
The Czech Republic

email: info@partnermb.cz
telephone: +420 261 911 391

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